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What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. A weekly veggie box program for locally grown produce.

What is the goal of a CSA?

The goal of a CSA is to increase community access to high-quality, locally grown produce, while strengthening the connection between eaters and farmers.

How does a CSA work?

When you become a CSA member, you sign up and pre-pay for a set number of weeks of produce from the farm. Each week, the farm packs up shares of freshly harvested produce and distributes them to its members.

What are the benefits of joining a CSA?

Joining a CSA allows you to get fresh and local food, and the best the farm has to offer. It also supports the farm financially for things like seed, tools, and wages in the early season without going into debt.

How is a CSA different from a vegetable box program from non-farmers?

A CSA is slightly different from a vegetable box program from non-farmers because it directly supports local farmers and provides access to locally grown produce. This connection creates greater food security for the Comox Valley.

CSA directly supports local farmers and enhances food security for Comox Valley through access to locally grown produce.

How the Whitaker Farm CSA Works

Share cost

The value of shares will average out at $30 worth of produce per week. Because CSA members share in the risks and benefits of farming, value lost in one week’s share will be made up in future weeks. Shares delivered to our off-farm pick-up locations include a fuel surcharge for the season to help us get your vegetables to a convenient location.


There are three ways to pay. You can send us an e-transfer, or pay by credit card. We also accept cash but please email us to set up a meeting.

On Farm Pick Up

Shares are picked up once a week by members at Whitaker Farm. If you miss your pick up due to unforeseen circumstances, don’t worry, we’ll hold onto it for you for two days after your missed pick-up day. After that we will donate it to Lush Valley who will ensure that food goes to folks who might not otherwise have access to fresh, local produce.

Delivery Customers

Shares are delivered to your home. This is a contactless delivery. We ask you get your produce into a fridge within an hour of delivery for optimum freshness. We work with you to determine best location to drop off your produce. Once it is delivered we are no longer responsible for its freshness. We suggest you use a cooler to hold the food until you are able to get it into your home.


We ask that CSA members commit to reading email and newsletter messages from us. It’s important that we have an efficient way of getting in touch if there are any changes to your pick-up location or time. It’s also important to us that you know a bit about what’s happening at our farms every week. It’s good to stay connected!

Vacation Time

If you are going on vacation, please drop us a line to let us know when you will be away at We can provide you with farm stand or market credit for a missed week as long as we are informed at least one week in advance. Please note, this credit must be redeemed at the farmers’ market within the calendar year.


All shares include a non-refundable deposit of $30. If you are unhappy with the CSA program and wish for a refund, we will reimburse you for the remaining weeks of shares minus the non-refundable deposit.

CSA directly supports local farmers and enhances food security for Comox Valley through access to locally grown produce.

Summary of CSA Member Responsibilities


I share in the risks as well as the benefits of farming

By purchasing a share, I commit to supporting local farms through good times and hard times.

I assume full responsibility for picking up my share

I will communicate with Whitaker Farm by emailing at least 1 week prior to my pick up day if I will be away, OR I will arrange for someone else to pick up my share.

Amounts and variety of vegetables fluctuate

Shares will fluctuate, depending on the season, and the effects of weather.

I am responsible for staying informed

Updates and changes will be sent in our weekly newsletter

Whitaker Farm Referral Program: Earn Market Credits for New CSA Sign-ups

  • You receive a $10 market credit for every new person you refer who signs up for the CSA program.
  • The credit can be used at the Whitaker Farm stand at the Comox Valley Farmers’ Market.
  • The person you refer must provide your contact information on their sign-up form for you to receive the credit.
  • You do not have to be a CSA member to participate in the referral program.
  • The farm values your recommendation as we aim to provide the freshest and highest quality organic produce.

CSA directly supports local farmers and enhances food security for Comox Valley through access to locally grown produce.