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Hands in the dirt

Brian and Mariette were members of Merville Organics for four years where they learned a lot about running their farm, a market stand and a Community Supported Agriculture Box program.  In 2021, Whitaker Farm was awarded the Land Of Plenty Award from the Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce. This award has multiple components including land stewardship, staff equity & business development, all areas they focus heavily on in the development of their farm.

A healthy community is vital to their approach and besides being advocates for a strong sustainable local food system, and living wages.  As well community service is important to both owner/operators.  Mariette is the past president of the Comox Valley Farmers’ Market and is serving on the Agriculture Planning Committee. Brian is a volunteer firefighter, has served on the board of the mid Island Farmers Institute, is currently on the board of the Comox Valley Farmers’ Market and Chair of the board for the Oyster River Fire Department.


You can find Whitaker Farm on Whitaker Road, right near Kitty Coleman Campground.  The lovely ocean breezes give us a balmy extended growing season and the amazing sandy soil allows for sweet carrots to grow most of the year in the ground.

Our farmstand sits in between our home and our business entrances.  It has its own walk in entrance with plenty of parking at 6241 Whitaker Road.  We run our stand Wednesday afternoons from 1 – 6, during the main season from June – Oct.

Plants:  Our starts get rave reviews for their vigor.  We have great systems in place that make it easy for us to grow them for your success.  Let us do the early work for you!   In early spring there is a plant sale at the farmstand, weather permitting, that is outside and open everyday until the plants are gone.  We also host a mother’s day plant sale.  Watch for details on facebook or instagram.

You are always welcome to sit and enjoy the area, there are chairs available for you.  It is fully fenced and closed on Wednesday afternoons so Minnow doesn’t come to greet you.  (She is ever so curious)

Be sure to take time to wander down to the stand on a Wednesday or drive over and head to the ocean if you are coming in from town.  It is a beautiful way to spend time

CSA directly supports local farmers and enhances food security for Comox Valley through access to locally grown produce.